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Oil Defence


Glycolic 30%  - professional peel system designed for intense exfoliating and resurfacing treatment. Designed to remove surface epidermal layers, resulting in smoother tighter clearer complexion.

30min $120


Start with a gentle exfoliation using microbeads of encapsulated Vitamin C, followed with an infusion using sound waves to penetrate oil defense serums and retinoic acid. This works to reduce congestion and create a clearer complexion. Finish with medicated spot gels to deal with pustule breakouts.

60min $145

View Anti-Aging Treatment for 20s-30s


Devices use light and heat, known as LHE technology, to trigger the destruction of the P. acnes bacteria. Recommended treatments: 5 treatments every 2-4 weeks. Clearance rates of 72% for noninflammatory lesions and 73% for inflammatory lesions. (Suitable for both acne vulgaris and rosacea)



Collagen induction therapy using micro needling therapy we can penetrate to the deep dermis to use your natural growth factors for potent stimulation of healing and renewal properties.  In combination with Vital W wrinkle care serum. A potent anti aging repair serum.

One area $350
Two - Three areas $500


Vitamin C Facial $100 (30min)

For a vibrant, radiant complexion.
Rejuvenates dull, sun - damaged skin. Gently exfoliates brightens and improves tone. Skin is nourished and imperfections are diminished for a healthier complexion.

Face & Body

Treatments & Essentials

At Face Doctors Whangarei we offer a choice of quality waxing, IPL treatments, Hair Removal, Spray Tans and Massages.
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Face Body


Refreshed younger appearance

In our clinic we believe less is more. We aim to soften and give a natural result without causing a frozen face or my favourite the wind tunnel look.

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