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The FACEDOCTORS Clinic uses fillers only containing Hyaluronan which is a smooth clear injectable gel.

This is a sugar based molecule hence not only gives structure but also rehydration.

Due to the structure of Haluronan we can inject both deep into the dermis, and superfial into the episdermis working on not only deep folds and lines but superficial lines while hydrating the skin.

Areas we can address


Forehead, glabellar lines, crows feet, cheek lines, hallows under the eyes, softening of the jowls, marionette lines, beautiful luscious lips.

Use it as a contouring method for the cheeks, chin, nose, dimpling of the skin, nasal labial linrd

The Facedoctors Clinc only uses juverderm products, due to its soft, flexible nature it gives our clients a fantastic natural looking results with limited down time.

For the best results this should be used in adjuvant with Botox, skincare range and specialized facial treatments.

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Special Offer

Microdermabrasion Facial 40min $120

Microdermabrasion is a intensive treatment using a diamond tip wand for the safe removal of dead dry skin cells. This treatment removes waste and toxins in the skin, while encouraging blood circulation, and collagen production. Skin will appear radiant, energised and refreshed!

Your therapist will select the mask most suitable for you. Leaving your skin incredibly soft and hydrated.

Includes a Hand or Foot massage.

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Treatments & Essentials

At Face Doctors Whangarei we offer a choice of quality waxing, IPL treatments, Hair Removal, Spray Tans and Massages.
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Face Body


Refreshed younger appearance

In our clinic we believe less is more. We aim to soften and give a natural result without causing a frozen face or my favourite the wind tunnel look.

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